Mission, Values & Policies


To be the national reference in Railway Rolling Stock.

Traditionally connected to the Railway Transports sector, EMEF assumes its mission in creating Added Value for its Customers, Collaborators and Shareholder. It is by acknowledging this mission that the Company acquires vitality, sense and can establish a definitive unifying element of identity for everyone’s efforts, applied to one’s daily work.

Values and principles
By establishing the commitment that EMEF’s mission represents, all actions and behaviour stemming from the company’s service must contemplate a specific set of values and principals, that must be present in our minds at all times.

To develop activities geared towards the client’s service;
To create a higher degree of Safety conditions for both the Collaborators and the Railway Rolling Stock;
To Protect the Environment;
To manage the company’s activity with good levels of economical and financial sustainability.
Quality Assurance, Environment and Safety Policies
By envolving each and every of its collaborators, EMEF endorses the following principles as means to attain development and the trade’s responsibility:

To Promote Safety

Act in order to prevent and correct situations that can jeopardize the Safety of People, of Rolling Stock and of the Environment.

To Satisfy the Client

By meeting deadlines, assuring availability, reliability and by adjusting the overall Service conditions to meet the client’s expectations.

To Assure Conformity

By promoting in the Company and its suppliers the fulfillment of the Client’s as well as EMEF’s and the applicable legislation’s requisites, regarding Workplace and Environmental Safety, Hygiene and Health.

To Respect the Environment

By managing to prevent and minimizing the enviroment’s pollution as a result of the company’s activity, through an adequate waste disposal management.

To comply with legal determinations

By complying with legal requisites, making them known and controlling its application in every company’s facility or premise.

To always try to improve

By giving value and bringing enthusiasm to ideas and improvement proposals, in search of higher degrees of efficacy and efficiency.

To assure Training

By continuous professional training aimed towards complying with the norms procedures in terms of Quality Assurance, Environmental and Workplace Safety, Hygiene and Health.