The Company

empresa-1EMEF – Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, S.A., is the Main Portuguese Company in the Railway Maintenance Sector and develops its activity in five main fields:

Heavy Maintenance, Upgrading and Refurbishment processes on Railways Rolling Stock and its related Equipments;
Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Assembly Inspection, Tests and Commissioning;
Freight Wagons Design, Manufacturing and Upgrading;
Research & Development

EMEF SA, founded in 1993, resulted from the spin-off of Portuguese Railway Company (CP) Industrial Area initially dedicated to Repair and Upgrading of railway rolling stock;

EMEF extends the scope of activity, covering also rolling stock maintenance, in order to provide a full and global service to Portuguese Railway Company (CP) in 19994/1995

EMEF begins to perform light train and tram-trains maintenance, at rolling stock owned by Oporto Metro, in Oporto-Guifões workshop in 1998;

EMEF prepares the internationalization of its activities by participating in the constitution of FERTREM- Operações Ferroviárias Internacionais, S.A., in order to provide technical, industrial and commercial assistance to national and foreign entities in the railway sector in 1999;

EMEF attains the certification of the Quality Management System, in accordance with EN ISO 9002:1995 standard in 2000;

EMEF extends the scope of its activity to the Railway Manufacture area, to provide the upgrade and supply of freight wagons, in result of a contract signed between the Portuguese Government and the Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2005;
Creation of Wagon Systems Unit (WSU) and Railway Technology and Innovation Unit (UITF) to ensure skills consolidation and specialize workshop activities, towards the Strategical Orientations of the Railway Sector in 2007;

Entroncamento’s Heavy Maintenance Workshop and Light Maintenance Workshop were joined to create Entroncamento Unit workshop (POE) in 2008;

Heavy Maintenance Workshops and Light Maintenance Workshops were joined to create South Unit workshop (POS) and North Unit workshop (PON) in 2009;

In order to perform maintenance on 4700 and 5600 Locomotives, in 2009, is created an “A.C.E. Enterprise Group” composed by EMEF and their manufacturer;

EMEF Internacional, SA, registration was approved by Ministerial Authorization in 2009, being strongly oriented to the external market and its activity focused on freight wagons design and manufacture.

The certification of Quality Management System was extended to EMEF Internacional SA , in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001 standard in 2010

Center Unit Workshop (POC) was created by joining Figueira da Foz Workshop and Entroncamento Unit (POE) in 2011. At the same time, Lisbon Workshops activities were joined in South Unit workshop (POS). Those mergers resulted in three majors groups: North Unit workshop (PON), Center Unit Workshop (POC) and South Unit Workshop (POS).

EMEF attains the Welding certification for vehicles and components , level CL1, in accordance with EN 15085-2 standard in 2011;

EMEF attains the certification of the Human Resources Management System, in accordance with NP 4427:2004 standard in 2012;

Overall Restructuring of the company which includes the creation of new directions, new areas, and the redefinition of responsibilities of some areas of intervention in 2013.