Who we are

cropped-Logo_EMEF.svg_.pngEMEF SA operates in the railway engineering sector.

It was founded in 1993, when CP’s industrial arm specializing in the repair and refurbishment of rolling stock was separated. Since then it has expanded both industrially and geographically, and now operates in the international market.

In 2013 the company was fully restructured. This included the creation of new departments, new fields, and the reallocation of responsibilities in certain spheres of activity.

This strategic restructuring of EMEF is based on three central pillars:

  1. restructuring to create value – optimization of existing resources, to ensure economic and financial sustainability and greater competitiveness;
  2. creating new skills – encouraging research and development to keep abreast of technological developments in the sector;
  3. international expansion and the forging of strategic partnerships – taking steps to ensure economically efficient access to new geographical and sectoral markets.