High Speed

Maintenance engineering

Command of RCM (reliability centred maintenance)
Ability to identify the optimal structure of LRUs (line replaceable units)
Development of RCM-oriented maintenance and reliability management systems
Inclusion of remote maintenance systems in maintenance work (online RCM)
Development of maintenance support documentation systems
Development of tailor-made solutions
Ability to combine different types of knowledge when developing innovative solutions
Design of workshops and equipment for effective, efficient maintenance
Development of support software for traditional maintenance

RCM (reliability centred maintenance)
Better safety levels
Greater reliability
Higher degree of availability
Reduction in life-cycle costs


Maintenance solutions based on:
Specialised personnel
Ongoing training
Integrated information and decision support system
Routine and/or critical inspections (safety) by certified personnel
Tailor-made equipment, tools and software
Modern, functional facilities
Compliance with relevant environmental and safety laws

Cutting-edge technology
Remote maintenance
Automatic ultra-sound testing equipment
Thermal imaging
Vibration analysis
Track movement equipment

Expert, diversified technical know-how
Energy reception and transformation systems
Electric traction systems
Bearings and suspension
Auxiliary feed systems
Command and control systems
Brake and ABS systems
Tilting systems
HVAC systems
Passenger comfort

CP – Comboios de Portugal
Fleet of 10 six-carriage CPA4000 (Pendolino) trains
30 million kilometres accumulated
14 years’ experience in maintenance of tilting trains


SBB-CFF-FFS – Swiss Federal Railway
Fleet of four 9-carriage ETR470 (Pendolino) trains
Service started in 2009
Consultancy on redrafting of maintenance plan
Engineering study for general servicing