EMEF delivers first New Generation Alfa Pendular to CP

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Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, S.A. (EMEF) delivered the first New Generation Alfa Pendular train to CP today, following the thorough refurbishment carried out in recent months at its Central Workshops in Entroncamento.

In addition to general mid-life mechanical and electrical maintenance (R1), the train underwent thoroughgoing refurbishment to improve passenger safety and comfort. In particular, new seats and seat-cover materials and new lighting systems were fitted, the bar and toilets were remodelled, a new Wi-Fi mobile communications system was installed, and individual electricity sockets were fitted to all seats.

The refurbishment was carried out by about 60 EMEF workers, along with numerous specialized Portuguese service providers. Ninety percent of the project involves Portuguese technology and resources.

As EMEF’s CEO Alberto Castanho Ribeiro explained, “this project demonstrates EMEF’s ability to take its place as a lead company that can incorporate the contributions of other sectors of Portuguese industry, and provide more robust and competitive all-round solutions for the Portuguese and international market”.


The work involved over 1500 procedures, ranging from complete disassembly of the train’s interior to painting with new colours to set the New Generation Alfa Pendular apart.



The train’s 176 seats (seating a total of 301 passengers) were dismantled and rebuilt using new foam and new leather seat covers. Three hundred square metres of carpet were laid on a new modular floor that incorporates cork for better acoustic and heat insulation. EMEF installed a total of 44 km of new wiring, and 2 700 kg of paint were used.

All ten of CP’s Alfa Pendular trains will undergo this complete refurbishment, the next train being expected at EMEF’s workshops this month.

CP’s Alfa Pendular trains first entered service in 1999. Since then they have travelled over 41 million kilometres and carried around 26 million passengers.

CP has invested approximately 18 million euros in the current refurbishment of its Alfa Pendular fleet.