HR Management System

Pessoal-Especializado EMEF regards its employees as a vital force in the company’s development and considers social responsibility to be a benchmark in human resource management.

Our human resource management system meets the requirements of NP 4427, under which it has had certification since 19 January 2012. It applies to the entire company and articulates with EMEF’s quality management system, certified in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 and Regulation (EU) 445/2011. Its aim is to meet the following general requirements:

Attract, keep and develop its human resources, while endeavouring to constantly satisfy the organisation’s needs and abide by relevant legislation

As we seek to articulate and harmonise our human resource management system with our quality management system, human resources are considered one of the system’s key support processes and are therefore included in EMEF’s Quality Manual (MQ.0). This process-based approach using the PDCA principle (Plan, Do, Check and Act) enables us to develop, implement and continuously improve efficacy in order to meet customers’ needs.

The human resource management system’s documentation is articulated with that of our quality management system and uses existing documents whenever possible. The idea is for the systems to interconnect to create a coherent whole that meets different standards precisely and economically.

EMEF’s management sets out human resource policy and goals and ensures that there is an appropriate organisational structure that enables the management system to function and meet the company’s needs, as required by NP 4427.

The management reviews the human resource management system at least once a year to assess its suitability and effectiveness. It focuses particularly on the organisation’s needs, opportunities for improvement and any needs to change the system, including policy and goals.

Certificate EMEF NP 4427:2004

Human Resources Policy