Quality Management System


Quality Management System

EMEF has it´s Quality Management System (QMS) certified since year 2000, currently complying with NP EN ISO 9001 standard in force, covering the whole scope of our activity, at all our Workshops and Support Areas.

Our QMS integrates also methodologies for planning and monitoring environmental management and occupational safety requirements framed by EMEF’s Quality, Environment and Safety Policy, approved by the Board of Directors.

Aware of the challenges posed by market and regulations, EMEF’s QMS provides the consistent basis for the integration of relevant methodologies, which are common to other management systems that we have implemented. This way, we managed to respond efficiently towards certification of other Management Systems, such as EMEF Human Resources Management System certified in accordance with Portuguese standard NP 4427 (Coordinated by Human Resources Area). In addition, using the same integrated approach, EMEF is also formally certified as an “Entity in Charge of Maintenance” (ECM) in accordance with European Union regulatory requirements concerning “Management system of entities in charge of maintenance for freight wagons”, for which we brought in our large maintenance experience.

We believe in a sustainable and socially responsible rolling stock maintenance system development, aiming expectations fulfillment of our customers and users of rail transport, having always in mind that, in EMEF, safety is our primordial and permanent value.

NP Certificate in ISO 9001

Policy Quality, Environment and Safety

Monitoring and evaluation of external suppliers

Taking also into account the suppliers potential effect on the overall quality of railway rolling stock maintenance service, EMEF carry out monitoring of suppliers / incoming products, namely throughout proposals review phase, incoming deliveries quality control, as well as verification during assembly and performance in use.

In addition to this delivery general monitoring, EMEF has in place a suppliers performance specific assessment based on the rating level achieved on certain aspects of specific received products and also on the efficiency of respective deliveries. This supplier specific evaluation process integrates the following weighted criteria: Time for delivery, Quality (compliance), Customer service, Price.