Health and Safety at Work


The guiding principles for services that EMEF provides to customers include a set of values aimed at fostering employees’ health and development by reducing and controlling occupational risks. They are supported by a number of methodologies, procedures and programmes and include:

Assessment of health and safety risks to employees, which includes mechanical movement of loads, use of machine tools and portable electrical and non-electrical tools and risk factors in the storage of products and in areas outside repair workshops.

Monitoring of employee health, which involves periodic specific occupational health exams (e.g. sight, hearing, blood pressure, cardiovascular status, etc), whose frequency (every one or two years) depends on employees’ age and the existence of risks to their health in their workplace. Unscheduled medical exams are also performed (e.g. after an occupational accident or identification of unforeseen risk factors).

Use of personal protective equipment and work clothes, meaning that employees have permanent work clothing and personal protective equipment suited to the job that they do. Their allocation is documented on the basis of in-house standards and risk assessments.

Induction of new EMEF employees, who undergo a documented induction process during which they are trained and informed on the essential aspects of health and safety in their work, among other matters.

Training, for which EMEF has an annual programme that includes, whenever necessary, not only in-house and external training for their work but also specific training on safety and emergencies, such as first aid and fire fighting (handling of extinguishers and the fire network).

Documentation, meaning that the occupational health and safety management system is documented in standards and in-house records that provide for the above points and also for periodic monitoring of indicators, enquiries into the causes of accidents and near misses, maintenance of work and emergency equipment (extinguishers, fire network, first aid kits and offices, etc), and rules on handling and storing of chemical products and management of safety files, load handling, use of visors, lighting and thermal environment, among others.

With a view to developing its health and safety management system, EMEF has in-house occupational safety units that include certified occupational safety experts. It also uses external occupational health services (occupational health).

We believe that occupational health is more efficient with the participation of all employees and their representatives, making it a decisive factor in prevention and improvement.