Trial and Metrology Laboratory

The Entroncamento Metrology Laboratory, which is part of EMEF – POC and managed by its quality unit, has been accredited by Instituto Português de Acreditação (IPAC) under NP EN ISO IEC 17025 since March 2008.

A follow-up audit was conducted by the IPAC in 2015 and extension of its scope was requested. Accreditation was maintained and the extension was accredited, as reflected in the M0085 certificate, which is available on the IPAC website.

The accreditation of the lab’s quality management system offers added confidence in the accuracy of the measurements and inspections performed during rolling stock maintenance and minimises risks that might otherwise compromise quality and reliability.

In addition to calibrating measuring and monitoring equipment for internal customers, the lab also performs calibrations for external customers. Its generic scope of accreditation covers the following sizes and equipment:

  • Electrical: voltage, AC and DC, resistance;
  • Sizing: exterior micrometers, callipers, comparators, profilometers and rolling stock wheel calibres;
  • Pressure: manometers and pressure transducers;
  • Binary: dynamometric wrenches.
  • Certification NP EN ISO/IEC 17025

    Certification IPAC