Entity in Charge of Maintenance

Vagao-HABISEMEF is aware of the challenges posed by the market and regulation and so in August 2013 it obtained certification for the “maintenance delivery function”, as per EU Regulation 445/2011 – Regulation on a system of certification of entities in charge of maintenance for freight wagons, from Associação Portuguesa para a Normalização e Certificação Ferroviária (APNCF)

EMEF has been certified in all four functions set out in the regulation since November 2015 in order to certify the other functions in it, given their importance to safety and the need in the freight rolling stock segment. It is now the entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) of wagons and is currently the only Portuguese company with this certification for all types of wagons.

Under this regulation, the entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) must have a maintenance system composed of four functions that comply with the established requirements and assessment criteria:

(a) the management function, which supervises and coordinates the maintenance functions referred to in points (b) to (d) and ensures the safe state of the freight wagon in the railway system;

(b) the maintenance development function, which is responsible for the management of the maintenance documentation, including the configuration management, based on design and operational data as well as on performance and return on experience;

(c) the fleet maintenance management function, which manages the freight wagon’s removal for maintenance and its return to operation after maintenance; and

(d) the maintenance delivery function, which delivers the required technical maintenance of a freight wagon or parts of it, including the release to service documentation.

Certification ECM