EMEF shows off Alfa Pendular’s new look in Berlin

Innotrans 2016: Virtual reality tours of new trains EMEF, Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, S.A. will be present at the 2016 InnoTrans International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, which starts today in Berlin. The company will be displaying its in-depth refurbishment of the Alfa Pendular trains. Visitors can use an interactive 3D app to "board" the coaches and look arou...
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EMEF to maintain Fertagus rolling stock

Fertagus has hired EMEF to handle part of the heavy maintenance of its fleet of 18 UQE3500-series trains starting in September at the Entroncamento workshop. The contract is for two years and is worth €1,240,000. EMEF will maintain different rotables, such as main compressors, brake blocks and distributors, bogies and batteries, to a total of around 880 components. Castanho Ribeiro, CEO of E...
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EMEF boosts profits in 2015

EMEF - Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, S.A. closed the financial year in the black, for the second consecutive year. The company achieved profits for 2015 of 1.378 million euros (EBITDA of 3.1 million euros), up by 52% on the profits recorded in 2014. With turnover up by 6% to 58 million euros, EMEF was also successful in cutting its total liabilities by around 20% (ap...
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EMEF chosen for light maintenance of Porto Metro

EMEF – Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, S.A has signed a two-year contract with Prometro SA (ViaPorto) for the light maintenance of all the Porto Metro trains. The contract provides for preventive and corrective maintenance of all the Porto Metro's Eurotram and Tram Train rolling stock and workshop premises (including service stations), repair and maintenance machinery and spar...
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EMEF hires qualified workers

Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário S.A. is currently hiring 85 qualified workers for its workshops in Guifões and Entroncamento. The recruitment process will last throughout April and the company wishes to hire electromechanical workers, mechanical fitters and welders, among other skilled workers. These new workers will reinforce EMEF's specialised human resources ready for the...
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Lusogate is effective and energy efficient

Innovative system developed by EMEF & NomadDigital - The Lusogate system began in the EMEF Innovation and Development Department and continued at NomadTech (an EMEF and NomadDigital joint venture). It has proved its effectiveness in replacing power modules by traction converters in series 2300/2400 rail cars resulting in a reduction of around 12% in energy consumption. The research...
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EMEF wins tender for Metro do Porto maintenance

EMEF S.A. has just signed the contract for the maintenance of the Metro do Porto Eurotram vehicles for a total of EUR 10.6 million as the successful bidder in the international public tender in which other rail multinationals also participated. The Metro do Porto Eurotram vehicles will be the object of specialised maintenance by EMEF - Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário S.A., ...
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EMEF unveils CP’s New Generation of Alfa Pendular Trains

Amadora, 27th CP's Alfa Pendular trains will be thoroughly refurbished by EMEF – Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário S.A. The work will begin in 2016, and will encompass the entire 10-train Alfa Pendular fleet. Refurbishment of the Alfa Pendular trains will take several forms. Passenger comfort and safety will be improved, in particular with the fitting of new seats and clad...
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Joint Venture by EMEF and Nomad Digital

Nomad Tech was created as a Joint Venture by Nomad Digital, the global leader for high-availability wireless solutions to the transportation sector and EMEF, the Portuguese Railways company for rolling stock maintenance, to meet the explosion in demand solutions for reducing the Life Cycle Cost of the Rolling Stock. The joint venture will further develop the combination of Nomad’s existing mark...
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